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Nondisclosure/Confidentiality Agreement and Registration at

This agreement, facilitiated by accepting the terms for registration at, is between Sandler Partners (hereinafter "Sandler"), a private California Corporation with offices at 920 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Suite 1, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 and you (hereinafter "Prospective Partner").

The parties agree to the following:

In return for Sandler giving Prospective Partner access to certain Proprietary Information as defined in this document, Prospective Partner agrees to maintain the confidentiality of said Proprietary Information. Proprietary Information is defined as any and all trade secrets, know how, rates, processes, contracts, agreements and other information not generally known in the industry or business which Sandler is or may become engaged in, or concerns in any way the business or operations of Sandler, as well as the identity of any principals of Sandler. For the purposes of this agreement, Sandler shall include, but not be limited to, its subsidiaries, parent company, and all affiliates, Master Agents, Agent Managers (sometimes referred to as Senior Carrier Consultants when helping partners close business) and sub-agents. In order to further assure such confidentiality and to protect the Proprietary Information, Prospective Partner hereby agrees to:

  1. Protect and safeguard all Proprietary Information whether belonging to Sandler or others in accordance with such regulations and procedures as Sandler may establish from time to time. 
  2. In the absence of specific regulations and procedures, Prospective Partner will use his/her/its best efforts to protect and safeguard the Proprietary Information.
  3. Refrain from disclosing the Proprietary Information to any person including but not limited to employees of either party (except those employees who have an explicit need to know for purposes of evaluating the contemplated transactions between Sandler and Prospective Partner) or employees of other owner of Proprietary Information. 
  4. Refuse to permit the examination or copying of any disclosure, examination, copying or redistribution of any materials provided by Sandler, unless otherwise authorized in writing by Sandler.
  5. Return all documents, papers, memorandum, and other matters which are in any way relating to the Proprietary Information upon the request of Sandler.
  6. Refrain from disclosing or using Proprietary Information in any other manner for as long as Proprietary Information is not generally known in the industry.

The obligations of Prospective Partner herein shall not apply to Proprietary Information which:
  A. becomes or is in the public domain;
  B. is already in possession of Prospective Partner and not subject to a Confidentiality Agreement;
  C. is received by Prospective Partner from a third party without restriction; and
  D. is independently developed by Prospective Partner.

Both parties agree that the combined efforts of each party will have the desired result of monetary or other gain, and that each party values the other party's contacts, experience and information. In order to further discussions between Prospective Partner and Sandler regarding the procuring service providers to handle business that Prospective Partner is privy to and has influence over, and in order to procure an agreement between Prospective Partner and the companies with whom Sandler has secured or is in the process of securing contracts, or companies with whom Sandler will contract to better serve the needs of Prospective Partner, both Prospective Partner and Sandler agree that neither party will use or in any way exploit, offer, quote or attempt to secure information discussed between the parties with the result being financial loss or potential financial loss for either party.

Prospective Partner will not use or attempt to use Sandler to procure information for his/her/its sole financial gain without the express written consent of Sandler and Sandler will not use or attempt to use Prospective Partner to procure information for Sandler's sole benefit without the express written consent of Prospective Partner.

Information that is disclosed to either party that may result in any financial or other gain may not be acted upon by Prospective Partner, any employees, friends, relatives, acquaintances, contractors, or any other person or entity which may otherwise be involved with Prospective Partner. In addition, no information that is disclosed to either party that may result in any financial or other gain may be acted upon by Sandler, any employees, friends, relatives, acquaintances, contractors or any other person or entity which may otherwise be involved with Sandler.

This constitutes the entire agreement between Prospective Partner and Sandler. Any violation of this agreement may result in legal action taken by either party with the intention of recouping real or potential financial loss. Any information to the contrary of this agreement, whether express or implied, written or oral, must be accompanied by a written statement signed and dated by both parties to be valid.  
This agreement shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, laws in the state of California without regard to choice of law principles. 

Accepting these terms of registration constitutes acceptance of this agreement.